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History of Ipswich Bay Yacht Club

On 13 September 1940 twelve individuals joined, together to form the Ipswich Bay Yacht Club. It was their idea to find a suitable mooring area that could be navigated into and out of at all tides. The twelve who signed the Articles of Organization, which was submitted to the State of Massachusetts, were:

Harold F. Balch
Francis J. Cartledge
Philip L. Fessenden
Harold R. Hatch
G. Mark Hayes
Ernest A. Harding
Alexander B. C. Mulholland
Carl A. Johansson
Charles A. Mallard
Raymond M. Sullivan
George S. Taylor
Fred G. Whittier, Jr.

Coincidentally Alex Mulholland had just constructed the pier and floats adjacent to the old Clark homestead at Great Neck, and through the courtesies of the Proprietors of Great Neck arrangements were made to use this pier and homestead. These arrangements were also attractive for the Proprietors, for a going yacht club was a very nice attraction for people desiring to build or rent for their summer activities. And for a number of years, through the 50’s, summer rentals from the Proprietors were given courtesy privileges at the Yacht Club.
At this time there were over 40 members in the boating group and they elected Mr. Ernest Harding as their first Commodore. 43 members paid $15 dues each and the club operated with a small profit.

Mr. Harold Hatch was elected Commodore in 1941 and active participants increased to some 70 members, then World War II was declared and boating activities ceased for the duration. With peace restored in 1946, boating activities started again and Mr. Charles Mallard was elected Commodore for the 1946 and 1947 seasons.